Bloguera fitness revela las consecuencias del embarazo en su cuerpo con honestas fotos

Emily Skye es considerada una de las blogueras fitness más famosas del mundo: sólo en Intagram, la australiana tiene más de 2 millones 300 mil seguidores. Es por lo mismo que cada una de sus vivencias se convierte en inspiración de miles de personas, al igual que los consejos que entrega a diario.

Tras nueve meses mostrando ejercicios y dietas para embarazadas, Emily finalmente se convirtió en madre. Esto ocurrió en diciembre del año pasado cuando dio la bienvenida a su hija Mia Elise Redmond, quien pesó 3 kilos y medio en ese momento.

Como era de esperar, durante y tras el embarazo, el cuerpo de la influencer sufrió una serie de cambios físicos y biológicos, propios de este proceso. Es así como la joven decidió aprovechar esta oportunidad para mostrar en su perfil como lucía su aspecto antes de quedar encinta, cuando estaba en el tercer trimestre de su embarazo y cómo luce hoy, a un mes de dar a luz.

Para ello Emily seleccionó tres fotos, las que acompañó con una reflexión dedicada a todas sus seguidoras que son o quieren ser madres. “¡Me encantaba mi cuerpo antes de quedar embarazada pero ahora lo amo aún más!”, comienza el texto.

So much has changed in only a year! ?? I loved my body before I got pregnant but I love it even more now! ??? I think it’s so crazy how big my belly was at the end of my pregnancy! . Isn’t the human body incredible!! What we’re capable of absolutely blows my mind. My body isn’t just supporting my own life but it grew a human – and still is! I’m so proud of what my body has done and continues to do for my precious daughter. Mothers are absolutely amazing and we should all be so proud of ourselves! Being a mother isn’t easy in many ways which I’m now starting to experience and the last thing I’m going to do is pressure myself to “bounce back” quickly or beat myself up because my body hasn’t returned to my pre-baby condition. It’s totally unrealistic for me to expect to “bounce back” from having my beautiful big belly to a flat and lean tummy in a short amount of time. I choose to celebrate my body and how incredible it is in any condition, shape (or size) and I choose to focus on being my best mentally and physically for my daughter Mia – and my priority definitely isn’t looking a certain way. . I just want to get fit and healthy again and I know that will take time, consistency and patience and it’s important for me to be realistic about my goals. ? . I can’t wait to start my own FIT program after I get clearance from my Doc next week! Who’s joining me? ? Lets do this together! ?? . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for FREE for 7 days – Link in my profile or go to: ✨ . . @emilyskye_ig . .

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“¡Qué grande estaba mi barriga al final de mi embarazo! ¿No es increíble el cuerpo humano? De lo que eres capaz… realmente me impresiona”, reflexiona. “Estoy orgullosa de lo que mi cuerpo ha hecho y sigue haciendo por mi preciosa hija. ¡Las madres son absolutamente increíbles y debemos estar muy orgullosas de nosotras mismas! Ser mamá no es fácil en muchos aspectos”, escribe.

En esta línea, confiesa que no se siente presionada en volver a su figura inicial y que se dará el tiempo suficiente para recuperarse del parto. “Es totalmente irrealista pensar que pasaré rápidamente de tener esa enorme barriga a un abdomen plano en un corto tiempo. Prefiero celebrar mi cuerpo y lo increíble que es en cualquier condición, forma (y tamaño) y elijo centrarme en estar lo mejor mental y físicamente para mi hija Mia”, relata.

En tanto, estas no son las únicas fotos que la mujer ha compartido de su cuerpo después del parto. En su cuenta de Instagram, ha publicado diversas imágenes en las que aparece junto a su hija en las que incluso muestra como compatibiliza su rutina de ejercicios con la maternidad.

When I first had Mia I was obviously over the moon… but something I haven’t shared with you all is I suffered badly with the baby blues. I’d previously heard about the “baby blues” but I never understood it. I couldn’t ever imagine feeling down after having Mia. – Well it happened to me! A few days after having her I started feeling really depressed, I hadn’t slept in days and my hormones would have been all over the place when it hit me. Your body goes through SO much having a baby, and while most of the changes are physical and obvious, there are a lot of things that aren’t so obvious like your hormones and emotions. . I spent at least 10 days feeling really sad and I cried constantly for no reason! I couldn’t understand how I was so blessed and happy to have my precious Mia and yet I felt soooo miserable. . Luckily those feelings passed and I started feeling more normal. – My hormones were balancing, I managed to get some sleep and what really we helped me was moving my body – I started some light workouts (mainly walking – as I’ve previously posted about) and I felt so much better instantly. It’s amazing how good you feel after moving your body and getting the blood flowing. I already feel like a new person! The natural high you get is the best – I hadn’t had that in about 4 months and oh how I’d missed that feeling! . This is the main reason I choose the lifestyle I have – it makes me feel so good and no matter what I’m going through at the time I’m able to deal with it so much better when I’m exercising! That’s what made me want to create my FIT Programs so other people could feel great too. ☺️ If you have been putting off getting fit please just do it – you won’t regret It! It will honestly be one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself (and your loved ones!) ? . Yes starting is hard, yes you’re going to feel uncomfortable, yes it’s going to take commitment and time and HELL YES it WILL be totally worth it! ??? . . ✨ Trial my new FIT Program for 7 days for FREE! – Link in my profile! ?? . . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskye_ig . .

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I did a resistance band workout today. Mia didn’t want to be away from me so I brought her outside with me so she could watch me. It worked out well because I got to give her kisses in between sets! ?? . It’s hard to get a workout in with a newborn who needs their mummy constantly but I fit it in when I can – as long as it’s not taking me away from Mia. . I’m feeling so good being able to exercise lightly! It reminds me why I started living this lifestyle in the first place (about 8.5 years ago). Being healthy and active makes me feel great! It helps with everything in my life – especially being a mother now. ? Bring on next week when I start my FIT Program with all the ladies in my FIT community! I’m so pumped! ?? Who’s joining us? ? . ✨ You can trial my FIT program for FREE for 7 days – click the link in my profile or go to: ✨ . If there’s something you really want then find a way to get it! – It’s up to YOU! ??☺️ . . @emilyskye_ig . . . ??‍♀️ Workout videos: @emilyskyefitness . . . #5weekspostpartum .

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I have a LONG way to go but I’m gonna do it! The first step to achieving ANY goal is believing you can do it and I 1000% believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I’m not only doing this for me but I’m doing this so I can be the best I can possibly be for my daughter. ? . It’s Saturday night here and I just finished a cardio session on the treadmill I hired. Most of you know I hate doing cardio but it’s all I can do right now so that’s what I’m doing! ? I’m SO ready to get back into my FIT Program when my Doc clears me in just over a week!! Who’s gonna get FIT with me? ??? – I have a FREE 7 day trial in the link in my profile if you’re keen! . P.S. Yep @recdedmond’s shorts are still the only gym shorts that fit me right now! ?? . HAPPY SATURDAY! ? . . @emilyskye_ig .

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Hay que recordar que Emily Skye tiene un programa de ejercicios online el que patrocina en cada una de sus publicaciones. La mujer es una de las instagrammer que más dinero gana con la plataforma, según Forbes.