20 Fotos inéditas de famosos que fueron tomadas cuando nadie los conocía

Las personas se dividen en dos categorías: aquellas a las que les gusta mirar sus fotografías de la infancia y aquellas que con diligencia las ocultan de ojos ajenos. Lo mismo sucede con los famosos. Hoy hablaremos de aquellas personas que no se avergüenzan de sus viejas fotos y valientemente las suben a las redes sociales y después disfrutan de miles de “me gusta” y comentarios. Por supuesto, los admiradores siempre están interesados en saber cómo se veían sus ídolos antes de volverse famosos.

No nos quedamos atrás y encontramos fotografías de famosos realizadas en aquellos tiempos cuando estas personas no esperaban que todo el mundo las conociera. Realmente hay muchos que sorprenden.

1. Kit Harington

#kitharington #jonsnow #gameofthrones

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2. Anne Hathaway

#TGIFBF Aw, look at this little dork… ❤️❤️❤️

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3. Dita Von Teese

Circa 1992 in my first corset. #oldheadshotday

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4. Jessica Biel

Just going to leave this here #OldHeadshotDay

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5. Norman Reedus


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6. Amanda Seyfried


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HAPPY #nationalpetday EVERYONE!

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7. Kyle MacLachlan

***Update: the contest is now over! Thanks to all the participants! Now get yourself a nice slice of cherry pie. Winners will be announced here on my Instagram on June 5th. ___________ A little owl told me that there’s going to be a @twinpeaks marathon this weekend on @showtime. Show off how you’re watching the #TwinPeaks: The Return marathon in style. Contest begins TODAY (June 1st) and ends at 12AM on June 3rd. You may win some amazing Twin Peaks swag from me! Winners announced on Tuesday June, 5th. Happy watching! How to enter: 1. Post a photo or video showing how you're watching this weekend’s Twin Peaks marathon. (Are you cosplaying as Agent Cooper? Hanging out with the Log Lady and her log? Are you somehow trapped in the Black Lodge?) Make sure to include #TwinPeaksWatchParty. 2. Follow me: @kyle_maclachlan 3. Tag two friends in the comments you’d enjoy some damn fine coffee & cherry pie with during the marathon (Contest only open to US residents. Sorry to international folks, and anyone else trapped in the Black Lodge!)

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8. Winona Ryder

9. Juliette Lewis

#tbt Serving since grade school.

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10. Ozzy Osbourne

11. Hilary Swank

#Tbt to some major pig tails. Next red carpet look?

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12. Evan Peters

13. Vanessa Hudgens

I guess it #oldheadshotday ? Lol here’s a few of my best ??

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She’s sweet. But serious. And a boss ??

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14. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

making shit happen since ‘87.. #31

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15. Iggy Pop

Shot from #bloodorange #iggypop #movie photo by @morganwhitephoto

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16. Mads Mikkelsen

Odense Teater, 1988/89. #theofficialmads

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17. Connie Britton

18. Til Schweiger

19. Halle Berry

20. Benedict Cumberbatch

¿Qué opinas? ¿Cuál foto te ha impresionado más?